About God (Bhagwan)

In Sanskrit Language God is Refered as Bhagwan. Bhagwan word is composed of two words namely Bhaga and Van. Bhaga means forms of sun, moon, dignity, prosperity and much more. Bhagwan is a word which we call to someone who can do anything. The works which cannot be possible to do when done by someone then we call the person as Bhagwan.

Bhagwan word means something which you call only when you are in a Uncomfortable condition and no one can help you, no one can solve your problem, then you call Bhagwan/God because you believe that they will solve all your problems.

From ancient time we were listening from our ancestors as that Bhagwan is the only one who can do anything. Bhagwan can destroy the whole world, they can save you from Uncertainity, Unconditional Death. They can fulfill your wishes, dreams.

In the word Bhagawan BH = BHUMI(Earth), A = AGNI(Fire), GA = GAGAN(Sky), WA = WAYU(Air), N = NEER(Water) These Five Substance Bhumi, Agni , Gagan , wayu ,and neer or jal called the PANCH TATVA.

The people which born on this earth have to die one day one by one but the God which we call bhagwan is the who, Which never dies because they are not borned. They has played various characters but he never took birth on this earth.


In Shiv Mahapuran (The Holy Book of Hindu Religion), Shiv characters is pictured.In that all the Demons killed by God Shiva and how they are killed is mentioned. according to Shiv Mahapuran, God Shiva is the Bhagwan who is the most supreme. But every novel or bible says that the Bhagwan which you believe the most is the supreme. And all and every Religion are equal. This is must be remembered by every one because today people are fighting of their religion. We must have to keep in mind that Bhagwan is the only word which is alive forever and no one is alive forever. Bhagwan are worshiped from ancient time as called by our ancestors.

It is considered as we the humans are first came on earth from Sage Manu and his Wife. So they are our ancestors. And it is also considered as God has saved them because God wants to make the earth and they wants to play Role as in our world actors are playing various roles in Movies. So we are the humans are playing various characters and God is watching all these from heaven. All Novels and Bibles says that everything which is happening in our life is already decided by the God. We are just playing the role as the God wants.

But by this we are blaming the God for all the crimes happening here. yes they do everything but they are not doing. God is just controlling your birth and death. If you will do your work honestly then you must get the benefit of it either earlier or after some time.

Because God has given every one of us the capability so that we can fulfill all our requirements. Only just we have to work hard which we does'nt. So Bhagwan is the one who can fulfill your dreams if you just call them from your heart and they will come infront of you and fulfill all your requirements/needs. Because he has Store/Godowns of Money, Dignity, Prosperity, and they just wants the love from you and they are ready to give you anything which you want.

In Hindu Religion all worshiping of God is done with an Idol of God, but in others like Shikh, Muslim, Jain and others communities All worshiping is done by Guru or the person which gives direction to people in Ancient time.

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