Who is Bhagwan/God?

Bhagwan is a realized individual who has experienced the infinite Existence within himself. In more technical terms Bhagwan is He who understands the creation and dissolution, the appearance and disappearance of beings, the wisdom and ignorance as defined in Vishnu Purana. The word literally means fortunately blessed. Inscriptions of Bhagwan are present in Heliodorus pillar documented epigraphically in the 100BC among the Greek. It also appears in a Buddhist dedication vase stupa.

Two invaluable precious words are gifted to us by seers and sages in the Hindi religion. These words are Ishwar and Bhagwan. The English dictionary simply defines them as God terming them as synonyms. However only spirituality can give justice to the actual meaning of these words, clarifying the actual meaning of each word. In this article our main concern is Bhagwan. In detailed comparison with Christianity Bhagwan is synonymous with the word "Lord". However one might ask oneself who is God then? After gaining soulful experience the Omni -present-infinite-eternal nature of these divine words will present itself. God is an Energy, Infinite Existence. Those great souls who have experienced infinite grandeur of complete existence in themselves and have become one are termed as Bhagwan. They are unique persons who have succeeded in experiencing the same existence within.

From Hindu traditions Shri Rama and Krishna God is referred to as Bagwan. Nevertheless Kevalis and Teerhankaras in Jain traditions who have succeeded in ending their Ashta karmas and have gotten immersed in Infinite Existence within themselves are referred to as Bhagwan. The Buddhists also call Gautama Buddha as Bhagwan. With this knowledge in mind its admissible that this term "Bhagwan" is a widely accepted reference to "Lord" ,"Superior being" in many different religious groups. However one may pose the deep question as to whether all these religious sects are referring to the same Lord. This might be a dilemma and we might be caught in between the horns in providing a justifiable answer without shaking the pillars of beliefs of these religions.

As a substance, Bhagwan is limited to a body form with a limited lifespan. A celebration called Nirvana Jayanti exists to commemorate this birth anniversary. Monthly specific day long festivals such as Janmashtami, Diwali, Dussehra, Mahavir, Jayanti, Panch Kalyanak and Purnima Buddha exist for such reason. This reiterates that Bhagwan has age .They can be perceived when they are alive as a body, that is, they can be felt and seen. The reason of existence of Bhagwan is to guide and tell us the path of existence while living in this human body. They also realize the creations, variations and stability (Uttpad-Vyay-dhruv) of their soul, nature and become an idol to follow when they end their circles of life and death by realizing faith inside them. Since Bhagwan is only a guide, not a guardian we have absolutely no relation with him for maintenance, prosperity and health. He is revered and should only be worshipped for his teachings which are catalyst to our soul's eternal salvation.


Bhagwan prevent deviation from the right beliefs by putting across one philosophy, and all domination over others in the establishment of core specific principles for the attainment of the Souls existence. With every new Bhagwan, a new religion begins and a new sect of followers is born. A book by Hugh Milne named: Bhagwan the God that failed is a quotable literate that explains the life of a devoted follower of Bhagwan. In conclusion, by understanding the true nature of Bhagwan, believers enter into ritual practice, deity worship and following, their blind faith turns into true devotion with thoughtless practices morphing into sacrificial deeds. The learned class deem this blind faith and primitive dogma. However one could argue they are short sighted, yet to realize deep faith and the actual philosophies of spirituality. When our beliefs get to the grace of truth, our life is blessed with the ability to differentiate between noble and good, right and wrong and to proceed correctly, praying for guidance from Bhagwan, the Lord.

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