Vaishno Devi

Mata word means that which gives us the feeling of affinity.The word Mata is used firstly by the lord Vishnu whose first avtar on Earth was Dashavatar. The God has given the priority to the girls on the Earth. God has given the high post to the mother on this Earth.God says that only mother is the person on this Earth who has the to do anything which she wants if her willpower is strong.

We have heard about Mata Vaishnodevi that how she has made her place in the Caves. There is a Religious named Shridhar who is the most liked Religious of the Mata Vaishno.He believes in her so much. He believe that all his problems, wishes and needs will be fulfilled by Mata Vaishno. But he did not have any child so he and his wife were live so sadly. All the villagers respects them but they taunts them that they did not have any child. So they were so feeling gloomy. Shridhar believes that Mata will fulfill their wish but it take time.

His wife also believes in Mata but as we know that womans does not have that much patience, so when people are taunting then she lose her faith for a moment. But her husband assures her that day they will become parents. So Mata Vaishno decided to fulfill their wish and she took birth on Earth as a girl. Then she told Shridhar to arrange a Jagran and to feed all villagers and brahmin, Sages then they must got a child of thier. But they are poor so they asked the little girl that they can do that big Jagran she believed that Mata will complete this Jagran they did not have to worry. So they arranged The Jagran and called all the villagers and brahmins and Sages. All are surprised that how this poor man will do that but they have gone there to taunt them again.
All the Sages are firstly feeded so they were sitted in a hall but the hall was small in size .But as the people started sitting the hall size was increased. So all Sages are surprised that how this can be possible. Then Mata Vaishno herself came and started distributing food to the Sages. She was having a Kamndal from which she is distributing all type of food so all Sages were surprised that how this was going. There is a Sage named Bhairavnath who wished for the Non-Veg Food. Mata was angry and she ran out from there and he chased her, then they had reached in a Cave where she had murderd her with a Trident and his head was throwed at the starting of the Cave, then he prayed Mata to leave him. He worshiped her so many years then she had given him a Blessing that all worshipers of her has to Pray Bhairo baba at the end of pray of Mata otherwise their Prayer will not be complete.

So from that day Mata was named as Vaishno and The place as Vaishnodevi and Bhairavnath is worshiped at the end.

What is Navrate?

Navratri word is combination of two words 'Nav' and 'ratra'. Nav means nine and ratra means knowledge.

Mata has Nine Look as:
Shailputri, Brahmacharini, Chandraghanta, Kooshmanda, Skandmata, Katyayini, Kalratri, Mahagauri, Sidhidatri.

What they Gives?

  • Shailputri has vrishabh as her swari. She is as sati born at the prajapati Dksh home.
  • Brahmacharini provides love and money to her liked ones.
  • Chandraghanta has Lion as her swari.She looked like she is ready for war anytime.
  • kooshmanda maa has generated the world with her laughing.
  • Skandmata maa provides child to those who do not have child.
  • Katyayini removes all diseases,fear and problems.
  • Kalratri provides great Blessings.
  • Mahagauri Mata fulfills all the wishes of of the womans. She is prayed mostly by girls to have a good husband.
  • Sidhidatri Mata provides all the sidhis to her Religious.


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