What is Mantra?

Mantra is some number of words which have some meaning and if reciting in some number of time it fulfill the Desire. Every Mantra have some restrictions, some rules and regulations under which they can be used and they can be benefitted. Beyond these rules and regulations these becomes destroyer. Minimum recitation of any Mantra is 10000 times. If any Mantra recited 10000 times then the reciter attains Sidhi of that Mantra. With the use of that Sidh Mantra they can fulfill their need according to Mantra.

There are several types of Mantra. Some of them explained below:
  • Vashikaran/Sammohan Mantra :- These type of mantra used to tempt someone towards. These Mantra's used in night. find Vashikaran Mantra
  • Uchchattan Mantra :- These types of Mantra used to destroy the effect of other mantra. Like if someone used some mantra on a person then if the person use Uchchattan Mantra then the effect of that Mantra becomes negligible. These Mantra's used in night.
  • Maran Mantra :- These types of Mantra Used to kill someone. These are very dangerous mantra's. if these mantra's not recited with rules and regulation then it can destroy the reciter. These Mantra's used in night.
  • General Mantra's :- These types of Mantra's used for general purpose. Like for getting Good Wife, Good Husband, Son, Money etc. These Mantra's have Only good effects, doesn't have any ill-effects.


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