Who is Shiva?

Lord Shiva is the most liked and powerful deity in all the Gods. This is written in Shiv Mahapuran. According to Shiv Mahapuran Lord Shiva is the God who is easily can be prayed and who can fulfill your wishes easily.When you read Shiv Mahapuran You get to know that only he has the Ling look. He can make or destroy the world in seconds. Only he is the God who is considered as the Brahm. He has the world. He has divied his body in two parts one is shiv and another is shakti. The whole world is contained within them. You have heared about Maha shivratri.In Maha Shivratri there is wedding of Shiva and Shakti.

When God Shiva has told a story so that parvati also do not have to take birth on the Earth only then she stops Birth on Earth. But when this requires then she will Birth for sake of her Religious. God Shiva Has told the story of Shri Ram and other also. God Shiva is the only one who lives in Shamshan(the Place where dead body of hindus fired). He wears the crust of tiger. He has a snake in his neck because he has taken the poison. which evolve During Samundra Manthan the War between Demons and God. So it creates lot of hotness in his neck. Snake body is cool so it cooles his neck. He has Ganga in his hairs. The God Shiva is married with Mata Parvati because their child named kartikay has to kill the Demons.

They have a child God named Ganesh, who is worshiped first only then your Work will be completed without any obligations.

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